3 VRChat worlds where you can play board games [Desktop available]


I want you to introduce the board game world that you can play on VRChat I found a world that looked interesting, but the version was too old to play I want to play a board game that can be mixed with people on the desktop

There are innumerable worlds in VRChat, and finding the world you want from among them can be quite difficult when you are a beginner.

In this article, we will introduce recommended board game worlds that you can play on VRChat.

Please refer to the following article for how to install VRChat and how to search the world.

There is a possibility that you will not be able to play in the future due to the influence of the version upgrade of VRChat (such as breaking the fundamental gimmick such as card shuffle and holding things) and the author deleting the world.


World name:VRC-Dominion!!

Playable games:Dominion

World creator:korimizu

A world where you can play the famous deck-building card game Dominion.

Since how to play and how to use the world are carefully written, even beginners of VRChat and Dominion can enjoy it with confidence.

In addition to the basic mode in which a beginner’s deck can be assembled, there is also a function to randomly prepare about 50 types of kingdom cards, so you can play many times just like a real Dominion.



Playable games:Simple game with rules such as coyote and love letter

World creator:Hotate_Neko

A game world where 10 types of board games are arranged with instructions.

There are several original games, and all of them can be played with simple rules, so it is a world that is easy for people who are not familiar with board games.

Some of them use gimmicks unique to VR, such as “cards that only you can see” and “cards that change the color that you can see for each player”, so you can play comfortably on your desktop.


World name:テストプレイなんてしてないよ『ポンコツなんて言わないで』

Playable games:ポンコツなんて言わないで(Don’t say ponkotsu)

World creator:yumeoti

A world where you can play similar games that you don’t have test play.

The rules are simple: “If you win, you win” “If you lose, you lose.” At first glance, you don’t know what you are saying.

Each card has a description of what you can win if you meet the conditions and what you lose, and if you play a card that meets the conditions for victory, you win.

There are no special gimmicks, so it takes some tricks to play on the desktop, but I didn’t feel much stress because there were few cards to operate.


I think that VR and board games have a very high affinity and are compatible contents.

In addition to VRChat, there will be more and more board games for AR / VR in the future, such as playing VR compatible catan on STEAM and the appearance of the AR board game “Tilt Five”.

Through this article, I hope that the number of board gamers and VR gamers will increase steadily in the future ⭐